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RM2000T ® Dry Lubrication oil with PTFE

RM2000T ® is the worlds leading dry lubricant for conveyors offering:

  • Saving on fresh water, effluent and chemical costs
  • Elimination of slip hazards
  • RM2000T replaces water based silicon lubricants
  • Improves friction reduction using PTFE
  • Elimination of damage to packaging and labels
  • Reduction of chain wear
  • Removal of bacterial growth
  • Improvement in production
  • Reduction of unit costs
  • Improvement of the working environment
  • RM2000T® is a product best suited to the following industries:

  • Food and drink filling industry
  • Milk industry
  • Juice industry
  • Beers Wines and Spirits industry
  • Baking industry
  • Meat packing industry
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Fish processing industry
  • The videos below show RM2000T® working on production lines (Click to play)